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smiLLe for Oleflex



The UOP Oleflex™ process converts propane to propylene and isobutane to isobutylene using catalytic dehydrogenation. Compared with competing processes,
Honeywell’s UOP Oleflex™ technology provides the smallest environmental footprint, the lowest cash cost of production and the highest return on investment.


Value of smiLLe™ in UOP Oleflex™ Process

  • PTA SCC resistance can result in easier maintenance and lower operating expense
    • No caustic treatment, No ammoniated water wash, No Dry out of the components if smiLLe™ applied to entire reactor circuit
    • Up to 3-5-day reduction in turnaround (TA) time (est. $2-3 M saving per TA)
    • Elimination of handling and disposal cost of spent caustic (est. $150k savings per TA)
    • Elimination of neutralization equipment capital cost (est. $175k savings for new units)
  • For new units, using smiLLe™ in the entire reactor circuit helps maximizes the benefit
  • For existing units, replacement of some components can be advantageous
  • Helps to reduce unplanned shutdowns due to PTA SCC formation
  • Helps simplify maintenance and reduces waste during a turnaround
  • Helps to avoid the Cl-SCC due to caustic treatment, consisting of soda ash dissolved in water
  • Equivalent or more resistant to Stress Relaxation Cracking than TP304H and TP347H

Supply Chain Management

  • smiLLe™ including required welding consumables, is used for all specified equipment as designated in the UOP design specifications called Schedule A.
    • Reactor Section and Reactor Section CCR regeneration related equipment of the UOP Oleflex™ process equipment exposed to the process stream and vulnerable to PTA SCC, including but not limited to reactor walls and linings, reactor internals, vessels and thermocouple wells.
  • The Owner and the Contractor(s) are responsible for selecting the option of smiLLe™ and communicating that decision to all equipment vendors to ensure that the substitution is complete.

  • The mandatory supplier of smiLLe™ components for the fabrication is Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
    • Pipe, Fitting, Flange, Valve, Plate, Coil, Ingot, Round bar, Wire, Forged product, Bolt/Nut, Instrumentation which specified as smiLLe™ in UOP design specification are included but not limited.

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